Workforce Energy Management

It can be frustrating navigating through this fast-paced world. In the distraction of demands, we get lost and days go by without an energizing activity. As a top performer and double decade HR leader to severe burnout, I know the feeling. 

Let me be your guide and join the organizations of progressive thinkers creating agile teams in a ever-changing world. 

Corporate Services

Focus Group Coaching


Schedule a 1-hour virtual session to discuss current challenges and hurdles draining your team energy. Learn new tools that will guide your team forward. 

Focus group max 10 people. 

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Speaker Series

  • Practical tools for individual & team¬†transformation
  • Group discussion and collaboration
  • Action planning to¬†support a more engaged and productive workforce
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Leadership Services

In-person & virtual programs:

  • Guiding Team Direction
  • Strengthening Communication
  • Building Team Energy
  • Productivity Optimization
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Participants of programs leave energized with actionable steps built from theory and experience. Programs include pre-care, live-care and after-care to set your team up for success.

Contact me directly for more information at [email protected]¬†or checkout a few of the topics here:¬†Speaker Series

DISC Assessment & Report

Dig into your own behaviors when it comes to communication, time wasters, energizers, stressors, conflict and internal motivators. Contact me directly for discounts on large group, team reports and DISC training workshop.  

DISC Assessment

Personal Courses

Burnout Compass Program


  • Videos guiding you through each transformational checkpoint weekly
  • Action planning worksheets and tools to aid the journey
  • 6-months follow-up tips to support the expedition
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Burnout Guidebook


  • Over 40 tools and techniques to move you from zombie mode back to liveliness.¬†

  • Explore how to navigate through change events with ease and what is holding you back

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Burnout Recovery Workbook


  • 30-page workbook PDF download 
  • Burnout information, checkpoints and journal prompts to guide you out of a survivorship state
  • Independent & self-paced to aid your recovery journey
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