Hello, I'm Kelly Bubolz!

After spending years in the modern medicine system with no answers, I took matters into my own hands and found a recovery path from severe physical collapse of burnout.
Let me be your guide as we dive into practical tools you can use to transform toward strength and energy. 

My Story

I'm a working mom with three young children. I enjoy the outdoors – hiking, gardening, homesteading. Experience as a leader in human resources focuses my work to empower and transform a company’s biggest asset: its employees.

Through a hard season, I learned to trust the process and embrace what life is teaching us. I now deliver unique training on topics including burnout, using experience to help others to prevent it. What started as a physical healing research mission transformed into identifying activities within our control, learning how to sustain new habits, self-discovery practices, and research into social norm pressures and human behavior investigation – all of which led me here to you.

I am a Certified Behavioral Analyst utilizing DiSC work style and motivators. Guiding people through the science of understanding their skillsets and opportunities is transformational to organizations and their individual journeys. 

Utilizing the practice of play, the information I share is through EFFL: Experience First, Formal Later program style. This avenue of learning provides high retention value and engagement partnered with practical application tools. Minimal powerpoints and more laughing. 

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