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Phases of Burnout Recovery: Phase Three Understanding

Apr 10, 2023

If you've made it to this phase, I commend you and all that hard work. It is very few that have the commitment, discipline and beast inside them to make it through the first two phases. Not a reader, watch phase three here: YouTube Video Link

Phase three is called understanding. It will seem like a plateau as you have been moving forward at a fast pace, digging in and learning new habits, people, self in this big world of possibility. It is a phase of sustainability and also high risk for relapse. Your body will be craving a sense of chaos and it will be important to remember how hard it was to get here to the top of the mountain. Awaiting the next adventure. Stay true to your recovery journey by recognizing the following: 

Self-Love. What are you really good at? Are you recognizing and celebrating these strengths. Admiring the growth in your opportunities? Solitude moments in the mirror, journaling and meditating will exercise the bond you have with yourself. 

Sense of Belonging. You are meant to be here, in this place, in this very point in time. You have found like-minded people, re-energizing activities and feelings

Release of Chains. Letting go does not mean you have to forget. But it does mean it no longer holds power over you and your reactions, new actions. Triggers rarely put you in a negative state as it did before. You are not the same person, the fog has uplifted and trust in your judgement. 

Re-connect with People. Share your new hobbies, show confident and healing self off to the world. It's time to show what hard work looks like and WOW does it pay off!

Daily Self-Care. Small moments throughout your day to sustain this healthy lifestyle. How are you maintaining mind, body and soul so that things do not get out of hand again. Think simple. Re-prioritize often. Keep in mind these micro-habits should be within your lifestyle. 

If you haven't reached this recovery phase yet, that is okay. Grab up some support through crucial checkpoints along this journey in the Burnout Compass Program. Click Here: Online Course

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