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Did You Pass By Your Energy Spot?

Mar 20, 2024

Did you pass that perfect point? Was there a time in your career in which you were challenged but not overwhelmed? Energized but not exhausted?

It's a topic that often comes up in my mind. Was there a time in which my career path was perfect, but then I was influenced into a different path.

This is how identity loss occurs and you get misaligned with your internal and external motivators. Why training your workforce with all different tools is important, not just industry and software specific.

In 2021 when I had physical collapse of burnout, I was attending many trainings per year. Through my local HR SHRM group, legal webinars, HR roundtables, etc. Yet, no development session focused on the practical tools of how to apply these new skillsets and programs while maintaining your current workload.

Even in phone interviews to this day people respond with 'moving up' and 'leading people'. We know that not everyone will be a good leader and some should be an expert in a field, projects or programs...maybe not managing other humans.

Societal pressures (community, work, family and friends) will continue to dictate what it deems successful. It will push you down one path and fit in a mold.

From a burnout survivor, I dare you to take the time and evaluate what truly energizes you. You might even be exactly where you need to be, stay there. Explore value in that direction instead of adding 'more'.

There is more than one way to achieve an outcome. We just need to take a pause moment and think outside the box. New positions that have focus on value-add instead of just 'up' and 'leading people'.

I dare you not to go for the promotion and go feed your energy - whichever next step that comes in.

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